Things to know about Par Royal IV

Tournament Sign-up
  • Prior to the tournament sign up deadline, you may sign up for a given tournament online (on the Par Royal web site), or by my telling the Par Royal Tournament Chairman.
  • Once you have signed up you are obligated to pay regardless of whether or not you play. If you can not play, you are responsible for finding a paying substitute prior to the tournament.
  • Payment is expected at the time of sign up, but MUST be paid in full prior to playing in the tournament.
Tournament Play
  • Each tournament we divide up the players into three flights based on their course handicap; the Woods flight, the Wally flight, and the Tin Cup flight. Your course handicap, as determined by the Club Handicap Chairman, decides which flight you will be assigned to.
  • Players in the Woods flight will play from the Blue tees, players in the Wally and Tin Cup flights will play from the White tees.
  • You must play the tee you are assigned to, it will be listed on your offical scorecard. If do not play from your assigned tee, you will be placed LAST in your flight and receive no more than 1 Club Championship point for that tournament regardless of your final score.
Par Royal Local Rules
    The following are Par Royal IV local rules intended to speed up play.
  • Play ready-golf. If you are ready and it is safe to shoot, swing/putt away.
  • If you hit a shot out-of-bounds, do not rehit. Go to where your ball went out of bounds, take a drop up to two club lengths from where your ball exited the course, and take your shot with a one-stroke penalty.
  • Tap ins. By rule, players are required to putt all putts, no tap ins. BUT, if all players in a group agree, tap ins are allowed up to 6 inches. If anyone in the group disagrees, tap ins are not allowed.
  • Lost Ball. You have 3 minutes from the time you start your search to find a "lost ball". If you can not find your ball, play your next shot from the spot of loss, take a one-stroke penalty and hit your next shot.
Club Championship Points
  • Club Championship points are awarded each tournament based on your finish in your flight and for the closest-to-the-pin and longest drive contests.
  • These points are added together throughout the year and determine your finish against all club members. The order of finish determines when you get to choose from the prize table at the Awards Banquet.
  • Prizes are awarded each tournament for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places finishes in each flight and for closest-to-the-pin and longest drive winners. This year there will a longest drive winner from the Blue tees and another winner from the White tees.
  • At each tournament, a prize winner can request a non-cash prize and Par Royal will accomodate that request.
Scoring and Offical Scorecards
  • Handicaps for a given tournament will be pulled from the NCGA on the Wednesday before the tournament.
  • Each group (typically a foursome) receives one offical scorecard for the group on which to keep score.
  • The offical scorecard must be returned at the end of the round. It is the responsiblity of the players in that group to verify their scores BEFORE the scorecard is turned in.
  • The scorecard should be complete and added correctly.
  • Once the offical scorecard is turned in it can not be changed by the players. Errors discovered on a turned in scorecard are dealt with at the sole descretion of the Handicap Chairman. Players may be penalized strokes or even disqualified for errors on the offical scorecard
  • Failure to turn in the scorecard in a timely fashion after the tournament is complete can lead to disqualification of the players in that group.
Posting Scores
  • For club members, Par Royal will post your score with the NCGA for each Par Royal tournament you play. For guests, we do not post scores.
  • We post ESC scores, which may or may not be different than your tournament score.
  • We post all Par Royal rounds as "T" or Tournament scores to the NCGA.
  • You are responsbile for posting your scores for rounds played outside of Par Royal Tournaments. Please do so.
  • Please feel free to invite guests. They must sign up and pay like everyone else and are subject to the same rules a club members with regards to showing up and playing.