The Par Royal IV Golf Club

The history of the Par Royal IV Golf Club goes back to 1964 and the original Par Royal Golf Club which you can read about below. Par Royal IV was formed in November 2011 with the mission to provide a competitive, fun golfing environment for all of our members.

We are organized under a set of By-Laws which are published on our web site. We are an NCGA certified Associate Club and operate under the rules of the NCGA and the USGA.

We play once a month on Saturday at courses in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. In August each year, we have a two-day weekend tournament. In November we hold our annual awards banquet and annual meeting.

Each tournament we divide the players into three flights, based on their index, so that similarly skilled golfers can compete against each other for points and prizes. This enables all our members a fair and equal chance to win their respective flight and most of all to have fun. The three flights are the Woods, Wally and Tin Cup flights, with the Wally flight being named in honor of a friend and fellow member, Steve "Wally" Wallace, who passed away unexpectedly in 2011.

The Par Royal Golf Club

The original club was formed in 1964 by Bob De Vincenzi of DeVincenzi Sheet Metal. There were 28 golfers who wanted to play golf on Saturday’s. It was in existence for 5 years. They did their own handicapping. They also had a dinner dance at the Verdi Club in 1966 in San Francisco. The group of 28 sold tickets to raise money. They did their own cooking and took care of the bar. They had 250 people attend.

Once a year they played a 2-day tournament. The 2nd year they played Napa Valley Country Club and the Old Silverado (North Course - there was no south course). The next year they played Old Del Monte and Pebble Beach. The golf fees for that weekend were an expensive $17.50 for both golf courses.

The Par Royal II Golf Club

ParRoyal II was founded in 1977 by Stan Angel and Earl Braverman. The club had 16 members and was only in existence for 2 years. They did their own handicapping. They were also a bunch of friends that wanted to play golf on Saturday.

The highlight of Par Royal II’s short history was playing Old Del Monte in 1978 ( cost $20) and Pebble Beach (cost $34). The total green fees for the weekend of golf - $54.

The Par Royal III Golf Club

Par Royal III was formed in 1997 with 30 golfers by Stan Angel and Earl Braverman. The group was formed for playing golf on Saturdays with a bunch of friends.

From 1997 to 2011, the club had 4 presidents, Stan Angel, George Sigigie, Ron Ingersoll and Jim Farmer. The club had 2 Handicap Chairmen - Earl Braverman and Stan Angel.

The club has had several junior standout golfers. Patrick Nagle went on to win the NCGA junior and the NCGA tournament all in one year. He also won the California State Amateur and represented us well when he qualified for the US Open.

Par Royal III Champions

During the existence of Par Royal III the following members have won the yearly club championship:

1997 Ron Cairns
1998 Ameil Azzaria
1999 Jim Renshaw
2000 Jim Renshaw
2001 Stan Angel
2002 Mike Paradee
2003 Rick Brookman
2004 Rick Brookman
2005 Robert King
2006 Jim Farmer
2007 Larry Rogers
2008 Jim Farmer
2009 Stan Angel
2010 Jim Farmer
2011 Jim Farmer

In November 2011, Stan Angel retired as the Handicap Chairman and a member of the club. In his honor the Par Royal III Golf Club was "retired" as well and a new club, Par Royal IV, was formed.