2018 Par Royal IV Schedule

Schedule of Tournaments

Yocha Dehe (Cache Creek), Brooks February 10 9:00 AM Shotgun
Moved to 10:00 AM Shotgun
Design Electric
Wente Vineyards, Livermore March 10 8:30 AM Shotgun Bowen Electric
Half Moon Bay Old Course, HMB* April 7 8:30 AM Shotgun O'Brien Mechanical
Crystal Springs, Burlingame May 12 8:00 AM Shotgun RFJ Meiswinkel
Paradise Valley, Fairfield June 9 8:00 AM Shotgun
Eagle Vines, Napa July 14 8:00 AM Shotgun
Old Greenwood, Truckee August 11 1:00 PM Shotgun Golden State Lumber
Gray's Crossing, Truckee* August 12 9:00 AM Shotgun White Cap Supply
Stone Tree, Novato September 8 9:00 AM Shotgun
Metropolitan, Oakland October 13 8:00 AM Shotgun
TPC Harding Park, San Francisco*
Includes annual awards banquet and prizes
October 27 9:00 AM Shotgun

* Marked events are major tournaments. Prize pool doubled, extra Club Championship Points available.


Par Royal IV Golf Club is extremely grateful for the support of our generous sponsors. Sponsorships make it possible for the club to enjoy an annual prize giveaway at the awards banquet. This event is the most anticipated of the season, and it simply would not be possible without our sponsors. In addition to our eternal gratitude, sponsors receive the following:
  • Free foursome for the sponsored event
  • Annual league membership fee waived
  • Your organization name and logo featured on the web site
  • Your organization name recognized at the sponsored event and annual awards banquet
Would you like to become a sponsor? Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.